[ u: / te / glei / de ] | Norwegian | Noun

A state of mind, the feeling of utter joy and contentment in nature.


A new word for an old concept, uteglede translated literally means “outdoor fun”, and in norwegian it’s a portmaneau of those words. But it is more than this, it is the state of being totally, and utterly, content in nature. Whether walking, skiing, running or playing, uteglede defines the feeling of joy, and the sense of adventure, that you can only have in nature.

In a land like Norway that has some truly stunning surroundings it’s not difficult to be simply awed by nature. And from the waters of the Lake District to the peaks of Snowdonia the UK has some equally awe-inspiring landscapes. Everyone, of all ages and from all countries, can appreciate and recognise this feeling of joy.



But uteglede is not just simply an appreciation of the landscape, it’s the fun of outdoor activity, the joy of play. And no matter what your age we can all remember at least one time we felt something special outdoors, a warmth and contentment that you just can’t get through any other experience. Whether your adventure is hiking up a mountain, climbing trees and jumping in puddles, enjoying an awe-inspiring sunset, or the accomplishment at reaching the summit - that feeling is uteglede.

These experiences, this feeling - uteglede - are deeply important to us at Skogstad. It’s the reason why we do what we do! It’s a Scandinavian concept we’re bringing to the UK. Our aim is to enable these experiences, and our promise is to make the clothing for tomorrow’s adventures and beyond.



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