The winter is retreating and our world is brimming with optimism for the arrival of spring and summer. The sun is with us a little longer each day and it is now time to pack away some of your winter wear and almost certainly time to reinvest in a bit of funky, practical spring outdoor wear.

So what’s the number one consideration for good spring and summer wear?  We have done a bit of research. We have asked about and it seems to us that almost everyone is in agreement when asked the question…

“What do you look for in good spring/summer outdoor clothing?”

The answer?

“It needs to be waterproof clothing”

A little depressing if you think about. It certainly says a lot about the reliability of our weather in the UK!

Or maybe not so depressing. At Skogstad, we look at it another way. We know that you are all, in your hearts, adventurers. You understand that is OK to put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and head out for a hike in the hills, but it is vitally important to take some waterproof clothing with you. After all, you never know what may happen.  

Our business at Skogstad is to make sure you have the right clothing for the right activity. It is all very well and good having maps or a GPS, enough water and good walking shoes, but if a shower catches you and you don’t have waterproof clothing, you could quickly get cold.

At Skogstad, we create clothing that balances every element you need to stay warm and dry, whilst also being breathable, easy to move in, comfortable, and durable. Our clothing is made for activity and adventure. Our technical waterproof clothing is waterproofed to 8000mm (not even our winters are that bad so this will be just fine for our spring and summers!), our zips are specially designed waterproof or resistant zips, and our seams are taped.

This is waterproof clothing for the very worst downpour that Britain experiences. Importantly for our spring and summer, it also breathes. You can be drenched one minute and baking the next, and Skogstad clothes will manage the change in temperatures with ease. All you need to do is rummage in your bag for your sunglasses. 

So, if you want quality spring and summer waterproof clothing, you have come to the right place.

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