Our Way of Thinking


At Skogstad, we are all about enjoying the environment, enjoying the world around us and enjoying it in the company of our friends and family. If we are to give our children’s children the chance to enjoy what we have enjoyed, we need to act now. At Skogstad, we try and do as much as we can to protect our world for future generations. Here is how.


We are a family business. We are a family business in Norway and we are a family business in the UK.  Family is important to us because it gives us someone to throw a snowball at who will forgive us when it hits them plum on the head.

OK... family is also a little more than that. Family is also important because it teaches us how to treat each other (snowball notwithstanding). We treat our customers as family. With us, you will receive a service that matters because you matter to us. You can get us on the phone whenever you want.  We have one of the best returns & service policies in the business. We want you to wear Skogstad in 2012 and we want you to wear it in 2032. We want you to enjoy life with the three peaks of Skogstad proudly on your chest.


We believe that the weather should not limit our opportunity to experience life in each other’s company. We believe that the right clothes can help anyone get the most out of life. If it is snowing hard, go outside and build a snow fort. If there is one foot of snow on the ground, wrap up warm and take a walk with the family. If it is raining, go jump in some muddy puddles.

Do it together and do it under the protection of our three peaks.



Children are often given sub-standard clothing for cold conditions. Why? Because it is too expensive to buy a jacket for a child who is growing so fast they will out-grow it in under a year.  Your children are your treasure. Wrap them up in good clothing. Send them out to play with their friends knowing that they won't get a cold and their jacket will come back in one piece. Wrap them up in Skogstad.


Life is for exploring

At the risk of sounding a little sad… we love making dens. We love walking on the beach when it is tipping down. We love trying to cross country ski but spending most of our time face down in the snow. We love going for a Sunday picnic in October. We love hiking with our friends and family. We love taking the dog for a walk when the weatherman has predicted strong winds. We love trying (but probably failing) to find our sea legs on a boat. We love mushroom picking in the forests. We love sledging. Holy Moly do we love sledging.

We love all these things and we hope you do to. We hope you do because THIS. IS. LIFE.

Our clothes are about preparing you for life.


Giving Back

We love it when we hear from charities. We are interested in all sorts of charitable organisations and we urge anyone that thinks they need support from Skogstad to get in touch. There are four Directors at Skogstad and we all have varied interests. We are particularly keen on supporting:



Music & Arts

Activity – Play, Sport, Adventure


One thing we can offer easier than money (which we will try and give if we can) is clothes. If you can think of a fun way to use our clothes so as those less fortunate can feel warm, protected and loved, then we REALLY want to hear from you.

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